Messiah's Mansion is a full scale model of the wilderness temple built by Moses and the Israelites.The Model is built to fit the description of the plans given by God to Moses, after he led the Israelites out of Egypt.

The model is set up for giving tours to the public. In the tour you will learn many things about the historical temples of old, as well as the meanings of the symbols shown to us throughout the sanctuary, and what they mean to us today.

The Path Back to God's Throne

Messiah's Mansion Exclusives

The Path Back To God's Throne DVD set (REVISED!)

This 13 part series guides you through the symbols of the sanctuary step-by-step. Understand how the sanctuary prophesied Jesus' journey from heaven to earth to die for our sins. And how the symbols of the sanctuary and its furniture map out our path back to God's Throne.

This set includes 7 discs covering 13 Topics.

  1. "God's House"
  2. "The Real War"
  3. "Man's Greatest Need"
  4. "The Unending Love Story"
  5. "Homeward Bound"
  6. "New Beginnings"
  7. "Light up His Word"
  8. "A Prayer for Mercy"
  9. "Judgment Day"
  10. "The Longest Prophecy"
  11. "Feast Days"
  12. "Jesus' Second Coming"
  13. "Reformers in the Sanctuary"

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Current Schedule

USA Exhibits 2015

College Station, TX March 21-29
Houston, TX April 4-12
Adairsville, GA May 2-10
Spokane Valley, WA May 16-24
Big Ticket Event Gaylord, MI Canceled
Freeport, Maine August 7-15
Hayward, CA September 5-13
Sonoma, CA September 19-27
Duluth, GA October 10-18
Los Alamitos, CA Oct. 24-Nov. 1
Pathfinder Camporee SWCC, CA November 12-14

Canada Exhibits 2015

Portage, Manitoba July 8-14
Medicine Hat, Alberta August 15-23

Please Note: The schedule is subject to change. Check back often for possible updates.

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