Bible Symbols and Their Definitions

Bible Symbols and Their Definitions

By: Ted Tessner
8 1/2" x 11" 106 pages



This book has been written to help clarify the beautiful truths found in the Bible that are so important for the times in which we live -- the last days. Hopefully through the use of these symbols and meanings, in the process uncovering other symbols and their definitions, leading to the Revelation of God's Love.

Using the definitions in this book, the sanctuary, and the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation will come alive, become thrilling and exciting before the student's eyes, who will witness, in new dimensions the fulfillment of the "Drama of the Ages."

In the author's opinion a study and understanding of Bible symbols will assist greatly in a person's preparation for Christ's return, and enable students of symbols and their definitions to demonstrate righteousness by faith, and be prepared to beet him in peace when He comes.

Ted Tessner




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