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Understand the message of the sanctuary for yourself.

Learn how to share it with others.

*Courses coming soon*


School of the Sanctuary is designed to make sure that each individual has an opportunity to understand the subject of the sanctuary for themselves.

Our mission is to present the gospel in a simple way and train people to be fluent in the message of the sanctuary and bible prophecies.

Our vision is to be a school that provides pastors, teachers and lay members with tools so that they can teach the sanctuary, prophecies, and the gospel.

Messiah's Mansion is made up of staff, volunteers and students that have a passion for doing God's work by traveling and sharing the sanctuary message.

Why the Sanctuary?

In the days of Noah, there was "present truth"— to get on the boat because the flood was coming! In the days of Lot, it was to get out of Sodom before the fire and brimstone came down.  


In the days of Christ, the present truth was that He was the Lamb of God. In 1844, the present truth was that Christ was moving into Most Holy Place. 

Now, we are living in a time when He is completing His work in the Heavenly Sanctuary. This is present truth for us today— the censer is about to go down, and Jesus is coming soon! 


*Courses coming soon*

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