"I have looked for You in the sancuary..."

Psalms 63:2


Take a look at our free study material and videos to understand the history of the sanctuary, its purpose and why it is important to us today.

Heaven's Blueprint

Study 01

The Purpose of the Sanctuary

Study 02

The History of the Sanctuary

Study 03

The Meaning of the Courtyard

Study 04

The Meaning of the Holy Place

Study 05

The Daily Sacrifice

Study 06

The Most Holy Place

Study 07

The Big Picture

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Sanctuary

Study 01

The House God Built

Study 02

The Outer Court

Study 03

The Cleansing Laver

Study 04

The Truth About Angels

Study 05

The Golden Lampstand

Study 06

The Table of Showbread

Study 07

The Altar of Incense

Study 08

The Daily Today

Study 09

The Most Holy Place

Study 10

The Repairers of the Breach

Study 11

The Day of Atonement

Study 12

The Cleansing of the Heavenly 


Study 13

The Good News of the


Study 14

The Adversary of the Heavenly 


Study 15

The Mark of the Beast and the

Seal of God

Study 16

The Judgement and 1844

Study 17

When the Day of Atonement


Study 18

Our High Priest's Victory Over


Study 19

The Judgement Continued

Study 20 

The Final Phase of the


Study 21

A Time for Holy Living

Study 22

Sharing the Sanctuary Message

with the World

Study 23

The Testimony of Jesus

Study 24

The Feast of Tabernacles



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