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The Gospel Made Simple.

Understand God’s plan to save us through the Sanctuary.

Messiah's Mansion is dedicated to sharing the message of the Sanctuary through live, Sanctuary exhibits, and other educational resources.

Why the Sanctuary?

Taken directly from God’s Word, the sanctuary is a pivotal truth that reveals the mission of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Sanctuary not only reveals Christ’s mission to save us; it also reveals His desire to be with us and to have an intimate relationship with us.

It's Relational

What Christ has done for us shouldn’t be kept to ourselves. The sanctuary provides the perfect starting point for sharing the gift of the gospel with others.

See the Bible Come to Life.

Gain an appreciation for Bible history and culture while cultivating a deeper understanding of the Sanctuary and the plan of salvation.

"As a part of the grand opening of our church sanctuary, we asked [Messiah's Mansion] to come and set up their life-size replica of the Mosaic Sanctuary. We did not realize how great a blessing this would be to our church and our community. It's positive impact will only fully be known when we reach Heaven. The exhibit helped focus our church on the sanctuary message, which is exactly what inspiration indicates we should be doing!"

—Don Mackintosh, Pastor

Learn More About the Sanctuary

In addition to our traveling exhibit, we host several events throughout the year both on our campus and by special invitation. From our weekend Bible retreats to shorter seminars, there’s a program for everyone

We offer a large selection of books and resources on the sanctuary that can be purchased for personal study, sharing, as well as teaching.


Our School of the Sanctuary is designed to make sure that each individual has an opportunity to understand the subject of the sanctuary for themselves and be able to share what they have learned with others.

Sanctuary Resources

Heaven's Blueprint Bible Study

Heaven's Blueprint Bible Study Cover Image

Sanctuary Tour on DVD

DVD Tour Mockup on a monitor and tablet screen
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