By Messiah's Mansion

Take a free tour of the prophecies of Daniel and see God's timeline for 

This exhibit will be open for one weekend in Harrah, OK, November 6-8, 2020. From the metal statue in Daniel chapter 2, to the 4 beasts in Daniel chapter 7, see how God gave us His timeline for earth's history.

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Tours are available from 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm on November 6-8, 2020. Tours start every 30 minutes.  


Tours will be at Messiah's Mansion

18750 NE 63rd St Harrah, OK 73045

Our COVID-19 Response

We want to let you know what we are doing to minimize the risk of infection to our guests.

  • Smaller Tour Sizes – By limiting the number of people in a tour, we can ensure more physical distancing.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations — We have stationed hand sanitizer throughout the exhibit.

  • We Are Masking Up — Our staff and tour guides will be wearing face coverings, or talking behind plexiglass. We ask that those attending also please wear a face covering.

  • Outside Tour — The entire tour will be given outside, under tarps to allow for maximum airflow and circulation.

  • Sanitizing Chairs — We have allowed for space between tours to give us the opportunity to sanitize the chairs between each group of people.

See how God gave us His timeline for earth's history.